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Command Center in Polymail Web and Mac
Command Center in Polymail Web and Mac
Using the ⌘J Popover for Shortcuts in our Polymail Web and Mac Apps
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We're excited to bring the power and simplicity of the ⌘J Popover to our Polymail Web App! ⌘J (Command + J) acts as a way to access all of our action and navigation shortcuts easily and quickly so you no longer have to remember (or learn) specific hotkeys. To access it, simply type ⌘ + J with your keyboard if you're on Mac. A menu will appear:

From this menu, you can begin typing the action or type of navigation you'd like to perform. You can also scroll through it to view all of our shortcut options within the Web App. 

For example, if I want to quickly archive an email, I can click ⌘ + J and then begin typing the word "Archive":

 Once I've typed enough of the word to see it in the menu, I can use the enter key to quickly select this action. My email will be moved to my Archive.

If I want to mark an email as spam, I can type ⌘ + J "Mark as Spam." Once our system detects this is the action I am looking for, I can click enter to select this action and my email will be moved to my spam folder:

⌘ + J will help you perform any common action. It can also help you navigate through the app. 

For example, If I'm currently in the Spam folder and would like to go back to my Inbox, I can use ⌘ + J and then type "Inbox":

I can then use my arrow key to select Navigate to Inbox and then enter to select that. I will be taken directly to my Inbox. 

Note: Many of the shortcuts in the Web App are different from those in the Mac app so they will not compete with shortcuts used by your internet browser. 

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