If you're new to Polymail, you'll notice we have a row of icons at the top of your drafts:

Here's a run down of what they mean from left to right:

  1. Inbox - clicking this will move an email back to your Inbox if it's in your Trash, Spam, Archive, a label, etc. 
  2. Snooze - lets you read an email at a later time
  3. Archive - moves an email to your Archive folder
  4. Trash
  5. Star - lets you star a message and also displays that message in your Starred folder in the left side bar
  6. Label - this lets you move this message thread to a list
  7. Read / Unread - lets you mark a read email as unread or vice versa
  8. Mute - clicking this will mute notifications for any new messages on the thread
  9. Unsubscribe - this will only appear if we detect an unsubscribe link in your email
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