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Polymail Release Notes
Polymail Release Notes: 30
Polymail Release Notes: 30
Polymail Release Notes for Web and Mac
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[New] Download All attachments option
[New] Color formatting option in formatting bar

[Improved] Better LSB scrollbar
[Improved] Formatting bar persistence fixes
[Improved] focus issues with composer

[Fixed] Calendar Invite Bar
[Fixed] Reply/Forward formatting fixes
[Fixed] Fix for SFDC sidebar often gets stuck in loading state
[Fixed] Updates mailbox select behavior to clear search
[Fixed] Issue where changes made after undo send would not appear on next send due to optimistic not being fully cleared out
[Fixed] Freeze attachment upload to 0.99 on fileUpload cases
[Fixed] Issue where mailto TO field was not being url-decoded
[Fixed] Issue where images attachments through paperclip would not show preview

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