[New] Outside Mentions
Non admin users can now send Team Invite
Compact / Expanded Mode in Preferences - return of avatars to email snippet list

[Improved] Asana workspace dropdown
[Improved] Block insertions of NLP matches when in the past and completely relative: removes evening/last week typeahead
[Improved] Updates to show organization name when being added via team invite
[Improved] Updated relative dates to not use (last [weekday]) for timestamp and just use absolute
[Improved] Show suggested team members in 'Invite People' LSB popover

[Fixed] Issue where cloud attachment progress would still continue to show on draft even after cloud attachment had been completed
Issue where history got stripped out when message template was being applied to a draft
[Fixed] Issue when trying to send later a draft on initial creation
[Fixed] Issue where Keyboard shortcuts hotkey was not activating RSB when collapsed
[Fixed] Issue where command center was not activating keyboard shortcut
[Fixed] Issue with sender bug that showed the wrong from address for conversations

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