Polymail makes it easy to block emails from senders you don't want. Any senders that you block will have their messages automatically moved to your Trash folder.

Blocking Senders on Web and Mac

Just click on the Block Sender Button on the top header buttons to block a sender!

Blocking Emails using our Command Center

  • Open up the Command Center (⌘J)

  • Type "Block"

  • Hit Enter!

Managing Blocked Senders

You can choose where you want to send messages from senders you have blocked, and manage senders that you have blocked in Settings > Blocked Senders

Blocking Senders on IOS

Block a sender on iOS simply by tapping on the 🚫icon at the bottom right bar when viewing a message!

Blocking All Unwanted Senders

If you want a way to see all your subscriptions. Check out this article on how to unsubscribe from all unwanted senders!

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