[New]: Brand New Calendar Sidebar! Just click the calendar Right Sidebar Tab, or use the Command Center action "Open Calendar: Right Sidebar"

[New]: All new status indicator, with sync progress shown on hover in the left sidebar!

[New]: You can now access your calendar anytime you're in Polymail, just use the Command Center command: "Open Calendar"

[New]: Added helpful shortcuts at the bottom of the screen when no conversations are selected

[Updated]: Link extractor is now available on the right sidebar.

[Updated]: Smoother initial load and positioning for conversations with many messages.

[Updated]: Performance updates for Contact and Right Sidebar profile fetches.

[Fixed]: Fixed issue that caused read-only calendars to be selectable for the scheduling page

[Fixed]: Issue that caused CC field to collapse when using the hotkey to activate while the auto-save is in progress.

[Fixed]: Clicking outside of the search field when the search popover is active will now remove focus from the search field.

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