When you mark an email as "Send Later" in the app, your email gets queued up in your Polymail account behind the scenes.

 You can schedule your email to send any time in the future - whether that's a few minutes from now or several months later. 

Your email is then automatically sent out at the time you've selected. These scheduled emails are not specific to the device you used to create them and won't be affected if you switch computers, delete the app, close your internet browser, turn off your internet connection, etc.* Once a message has been scheduled, you are all set!

To schedule an email to send it later:

  • Select the Send Later option in the bottom compose bar
  • Select a time and date you would like to send the email. If you're using the iOS apps, you will have this menu to choose from:
  • If you're using Polymail Web or our Mac app, our semantic date entry feature will allow you some more flexibility in your scheduling: 

For example:

  • Once you've set your send time, Polymail will take care of the rest!

If you change your mind you can remove the "Send Later" anytime before the scheduled send time, and your email won't be sent. 

Please note: Send Later is one of our Basic and Team features and is not available to our Free users. 

*Note: if you delete / close your Polymail account, we will not send your Send Later messages that have been scheduled for after the account deletion. 

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