We offer all of our users (free and paid) tracking on all outgoing email! Free users have access to our Unlimited Read Tracking and our Basic users have access to Per-Recipient Tracking. So what's the difference?

Unlimited Read Tracking gives users the ability to see when an email they have sent has been opened. If I send an email to coworkers A and B, I will receive a notification that my email has been read when one of them opens my message. I'll also see a blue lightning bolt next to my sent email.

Per-Recipient Tracking is an advanced feature for our Basic users that provides quite a bit more detail. If I send an email to three people, Per Recipient Tracking will tell me that coworkers A and B read it (and when), from which I can deduce that coworker C has not read it just yet. When coworker C does read it, I will receive a notification letting me know that as well. I'll also see all of these actions in my Activity Feed. 

If you're currently a free user and want to experience Per-Recipient Tracking for yourself, you can upgrade to our Basic plan here

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