Polymail Mac OS 1.35 Release Notesย 

[ New! ] Campaigns! Send personalized messages to at scale with Campaigns and track performance with detailed Campaign stats. Campaigns are available on Polymail Teams and Pro tiers, and can be found in the Outreach tab at the bottom of the left sidebar.

[ Updated ] Improvements to inter-device syncing of thread operations between Mac & iOS
[ Updated ] The Analytics tab at the bottom of the left sidebar has now become the Outreach tab!

[ Fixed ] Crash that would happen when downloading some attachments from an IMAP Provider
[ Fixed ] Download progress will show properly when downloading large files.
[ Fixed ] Improvements when adding inline images to new message templates.
[ Fixed ] Resolved issue where some plain-text email urls were not clickable.
[ Fixed ] Issue that caused activity to not show up on popover for IMAP accounts.
[ Fixed ] Issue where some received messages with inline images would show up with blue boxes.

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