With Polymail, you can set Follow Up Reminders while sending a message to bring it back to your inbox if no one's replied within a certain time.

To create a Follow Up Reminder:

  • Start a new email draft 

  • Fill out your recipient, subject (if applicable), and body of your email. 

  • Before sending it or scheduling it with our Send Later feature, click the "Follow Up" button you see to the left of Send Later and Send buttons.

  • A new window will appear with scheduling options for your reminder. If you're using our iOS apps, it will look like this:

  • If you're using Polymail Web or our Mac app, our semantic date entry feature will allow you some more flexibility in your scheduling: 

For example:

  • Select when you would like to receive your reminder and you'll see the Follow Up button will change color:

  • Once you send your email, you'll see your message appear in our Follow Up folder in the left side bar, along with the follow up date and time you've scheduled:

  • If your recipient doesn't respond to your email before your scheduled time, this message will pop back into your inbox with a pink dot next to it so you can remember to follow up:

Note: Follow Up Reminders are a Basic and Premium feature. 


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