Many customer relationship management services (CRMs) automatically sync emails sent to a customized email address they provide you. Polymail's Auto BCC feature (available to Basic & Premium users) ensures all of your outgoing email is automatically sent to any email address you would like! You can set this up in our Web and Desktop apps:

  • Click on the small carrot in the lower left corner of the app, and then click on Settings in the menu that appears

  • Click on the Accounts tab on the left side of the screen and select the account for which you'd like to create your Auto BCC:


  • Once you've ticked the "Automatically BCC Sent messages to CRM" box, a field will appear for your CRM's email address - enter it here.
  • Click the blue Save button in the top right corner to save your changes. 

You can do this for each email address you have - we allow different BCCs for each address you have. 


Note: If you don't use a CRM or don't want to use their forwarding feature, you are still welcome to use Auto BCC!