We've all had that moment of panic when we realize we've made a mistake in the email we just sent. Not to worry! Polymail lets you retract that mistake by undoing your send so you can edit and fix your message before it reaches your recipient. 

If you've ever wanted to unsend a message, we make it easy to do that for you! You can recall a message with any email provider you connect with Polymail, including Gmail, Outlook, Fastmail, and all IMAP providers!


How to Unsend an Email in Polymail Desktop


When you send an email in Polymail, you'll see a notification at the bottom of your screen in our apps that lets you know we've sent your message to your recipient. Next to that note, you'll see an Undo button. 


Click Undo and we'll return your email to draft stage so you can make any adjustments you like before sending it off again. You'll have this option to undo your send for about thirty seconds. 


You can undo your send as many times as you like! 


How to Immediately Send


What if time is of the essence? For example you might be in a meeting, sending over a file during a call, or need to send something urgently. In that case, while you hover over the send confirmation, you'll see an option to Send Now!


Click that, and we'll make sure that your message gets sent instantly!