We're excited to bring two great collaboration features in Polymail: Comments and Mentions! 👯

You can use Polymail to comment on any email (sent or received) and / or mention a team member to call their attention to your email. This is a great way to make notes for yourself and your colleagues without the hassle of forwarding, copying and pasting, or having to move the conversation into yet another app. Comments and Mentions can also prevent the occasional (and unfortunate) mistake of emailing the wrong message to the wrong person. 🤦‍♀️




At the bottom of your message in Polymail, you'll find a new field for Comments and Mentions:

Click into this field to write a comment. The comment can be for yourself or for someone else on your team. Once you've written it, tap Enter to post it. You'll see it appear under the message in blue with your avatar next to it, along with a timestamp:

You can write as many of these as you would like. They do not expire and will be available to you for as long as you hang onto your Polymail account. 


Note: Comments are private to you unless you mention someone or share your thread with Polymail share links. If you mention a team member in a message, they will be able to see your previous comments. If you share your message using our share link feature, your comments will be visible there, too. 👀 

Comments can not be edited or deleted. 




You can also mention a team member / colleague in your comments to draw their attention to the message, ask them for input, check in on a shared project, etc. Click that same field as displayed above and type the @ key to pull up a list of your team members or click the @ icon on the right side of the field:


This will pull up a list of team members you can tag in your Mention. Once you select them and write your comment, you'll see their name tagged and they will receive a notification from us. 

If their Polymail app is open, they'll get a push notification. If the app is closed, they'll get an email from us instead. Either way, they'll see activity in their Mentions tab in the left side bar:



All Mentions you've received will be stored in this tab in chronological order (with most recent at the top). 


Once your colleague receives a mention from you, they can view the message in question, leave comments as well, and mention other people on your team (sharing it with them, too). 

Mentions cannot be edited or deleted.