Our Polymail Basic, Premium, and Enterprise subscriptions come with Message Templates that allow you to write an email once, save it, and send it again to different recipients whenever you’d like, making any small adjustments or customizations you need to with placeholders.


Templates can be created in our Web and Mac apps - they cannot be created in iOS. With that said, once you've created your template in Web or Mac, you will be able to access it and send it through iOS. To get started:

  • Click on the Templates tab in the main sidebar.

  • Click the blue " + Create New Template" button and start composing.


To create a placeholder in your template so you can fill out specific fields later, wrap a word in double curly brackets like: {{this}}.

Note: your placeholders should not include apostrophes, slashes, or spaces. If you'd like your placeholder to include multiple and separate words, you can separate them with an underscore like _ . 

Once you've created your template, you can access it by starting a new email draft and clicking the template icon:

Our little template icon on iOS looks like this:

This will bring up any templates you've saved and you can select one to insert into your current email draft.

Clicking the tab button on your keyboard once your template has loaded will move you from placeholder to placeholder, automatically highlighting the contents and allowing easy and quick completion: