We're sorry to see you go! Please let us know if you have any feedback for us; we're only a quick email buzz away. 


To permanently delete your Polymail account, all associated emails, all drafts, your activity feed/track history, any emails you marked for "Send Later", all templates, and more, you'll visit: 




  • A pop up will appear asking you to confirm this decision.

  • Once you've confirmed your decision, everything related to your Polymail account is completely and thoroughly removed from Polymail forever. 


And with that, your Polymail account has been deleted. If you'd like to use Polymail again, you'll just need to create your Polymail account again, and everything will be as good as new! 📪 


You can also permanently delete your account from inside the iOS app. You'll want to click the three horizontal lines to open the left sidebar, then click on the gear icon in the bottom to open settings menu. The option to delete your Polymail account will show at the bottom of that page.


Please note: This process is irreversible. We cannot stop the process or recover any of your information. It will be removed forever. Should you choose to close your account, all of your data will be permanently deleted from all of Polymail within 24 hours.