If you've synced an email address with Polymail but want to remove it later, you're able to do so whenever you would like! 


on our Web and Desktop apps:

  • click the small arrow in the lower left corner of the app

  • click on Settings in the menu that appears

  • click on the Accounts tab on the left

  • click on the email address you would like to remove 

  • click on the red "Remove Account" link at the bottom:


If you're using our iOS app instead, you'll want to:

  • swipe to the right from your inbox

  • scroll down to the bottom of the left side bar and click your name at the bottom

  • click the account you would like to remove under the "Accounts" section at the top of the page

  • scroll to the very bottom of the page and click "Remove Account" in red. 


Note: When you remove an account from Polymail, we send it to our servers to do the heavy scrubbing and remove any associated data. This process can take some time, so if you're removing your account and want to re-add it, you might not be able to re-add it immediately.