We want you to feel safe and secure every day you use Polymail.  🚨 Keeping your data safe and secure is our utmost priority. We remain 100% compliant with leading industry standards, and in many respects, go above and beyond the norm.

  • Your Polymail account password is stored as a one way hash, making your password impossible to decrypt

  • We don’t store passwords for accounts that support authentication tokens (e.g. Gmail, Google Apps, Outlook.com, etc.). For providers which require us to store a password (e.g. iCloud/IMAP), we use 256-bit AES encryption (the same way your bank does it)

  • All communications are HTTPS-secure, including this page (this is the same security your bank uses)

  • All your Polymail account information is stored securely and only the absolutely necessary components of the macOS app and iOS app have access to it.

We have more information available on how we store data and all the specifics defined in our Privacy Policy.