Here's what comes with Polymail Basic:


Unlimited Per Recipient Tracking

Link Tracking


Per recipient tracking lets you know exactly who has read your email and at what time. Our Basic users will see whenever any one of their recipients opens an email. They can also track whenever a recipient downloads an attachment or clicks a link in an email. 



Contact Profiles

Our Contact Profiles provide enriched data with biographies, social links, and past interaction history. 


Activity Feed 

Our Activity Feed keeps all of your notifications in one spot and lives on the left side of the app. It serves as a timeline and an easy way to go through your tracking history and revisit emails when you need to. You can now search your Activity Feed and sort by activity type to isolate reads, downloads, and clicks. 




If you have an email you send on a regular basis to different people, you can use our templates to write that email once and access it whenever you need to send it to someone new. Our placeholders in Templates make it easy to customize them as you go. Click here to learn more about Templates and how to create them. 



Send Later

Want to schedule your emails instead of sending them now? With our Send Later feature, you can schedule your outgoing mail for whenever you'd like. No need to keep our app open or your computer / phone on - our system will take care of it! To learn more about Send Later, visit our article here



Follow Up Reminders 

Never forget to follow up an email again! Our Follow Up Reminder will pop an email back to your inbox if you haven't received a response from your recipient by a certain time. 



Auto-forwarding to CRM

Polymail's Auto BCC feature ensures all of your outgoing email is automatically sent to any email address you would like, allowing you to integrate Polymail and your CRM of choice. 


Calendar Scheduling

Polymail Calendar Scheduling lets you share your availability and let people book meetings and events directly within your calendar.