Our Asana integration allows you to create and assign new tasks directly from your email in Polymail! You can also view the due date of the task along with its completion status without leaving our app. 🎊 

To get started with this:

  • Click the blue "Install" button to get to the Asana Integration page and click the Install button you see there:

  • You'll see a request from Asana to grant permission to Polymail and click the blue Allow button:

  • Once you've done so, the blue Install button will change to "Enabled" in green.

You can now create new Asana tasks directly from email threads. 

  • Click the Share button that appears in the top right corner of your message:

  • Click the "New Asana Task" option 

  • A new window will appear and you can fill out the details of your new task:

  • Fill out these fields and then click that "Create Task" button.

  • You'll see that a new task has been created, along with your teammate's avatar or initials and the due date. 

  • You can create as many tasks as you would like and assign them to whomever you would like. We'll update these tasks in Polymail as they are completed: