Have a Salesforce account and want to use it within Polymail? Our new integration allows you to view your existing Salesforce Contacts and Leads within our app, create new Contacts and Leads from Polymail Contact Profiles, create tasks, log activities, and sync all sent and received email to Salesforce. 


Getting Started

This integration is available for our Enterprise users who have Salesforce accounts with API access enabled in the following subscriptions:

  1. Enterprise Edition

  2. Unlimited Edition

  3. Performance Edition

If you're using Salesforce on their Contact Edition, Professional Edition, or Group Edition, you won't be able to use our integration.

To upgrade to Polymail Enterprise, click here. Once you've upgraded, your Enterprise Team admin will be able to enable Salesforce for the entire team. To do that as an admin, you will:

  • Go to your Settings in the Polymail Web app by clicking on the small carrot in the lower left corner and then on Settings in the menu that appears. 

  • Click on the Integrations tab on the left and you'll see an "Install" button.

Click that "Install" button and you'll see a new Salesforce specific page pop up. Click the Install button once more:

  • This button will launch a login window to Salesforce:

  • Once you've logged in, Salesforce will be enabled in Polymail. You can then choose to sync messages to Salesforce with the blue toggle.

  • Your fellow team members will also need to connect to Salesforce to authenticate their accounts and use this integration. They can do so either by clicking the "Connect" button in the Integrations tab.

  • Alternatively, they can connect from the Salesforce tab they see in the app in the top right corner:

Salesforce Sync

Once you've authenticated your account, you'll see your Salesforce preferences appear asking you if you would like to enable Salesforce sync. Enable this if you would like your sent and received emails from Polymail to sync back to Salesforce. 


If you choose not to enable Salesforce Sync when you first get started, you can always do so later by going back to the Integrations tab and clicking on the toggle:

You'll see messages you've sent and received with your contacts in the Salesforce tab:

Using the Salesforce tab in Polymail 

Now that you've authenticated your Salesforce account, any contacts and leads you have in Salesforce that are not yet in Polymail will sync to Polymail. We sync Polymail with your Salesforce account twice a day. 


To access Salesforce data, you can click the Salesforce tab in the upper right corner of the Mac app when looking at an email from someone or reviewing them in your Address Book:

If you're looking at someone who has no Salesforce history, you can create either a Contact or a Lead for them:

You can also create new tasks for contacts and leads, as well as log activity. These buttons are towards the bottom of the Salesforce contact details:

This information will sync back to Salesforce.