You can now share email conversations directly from Polymail into Slack! This is especially useful if you want to get input from a particular Slack channel, or if you want to collaborate with teammates who might not be using Polymail.

To get started with this:

  • Click the blue "View" button to get to the Slack Integration page and click the Install button you see there:

  • Once you've installed it, the blue Install button will change to "Enabled" in green.

Now when you want to share an email thread, you'll find the option to do so directly to your Slack app. 

  • Click the Share button that appears in the top right corner of your message:

  • A new window will appear and you can choose to either copy the Share Link or share on Slack. You can then choose which channel you want to post your message to or you can send it to someone specific on your team:

  • Fill out these fields and then click that "Share on Slack" button:

  • You're all done!