Polymail Web supports Search Filter Operators for more targeted and powerful searches through your email! You can use these Operators in our Web App by themselves or in conjunction with one another, as long as the Operators don't clash. These searches pull up email threads (i.e. conversations), rather than individual messages.



Correct: to:elon@spacex.mars

Incorrect: to:<elon@spacex.mars>

For example, if I were looking for an email 

  1. sent from Elon Musk 

  2. with an attachment 

  3. that I previously starred 

  4. and archived

I could use the following: from:elon@spacex.mars has:attachment is:starred in:archive 

Operators that clash should not be used together. For example, I can't use is:unread with is:read in the same search.


Exact Matches

To search for an exact match, you can use quotation marks around the object. For example, I could search for "Taco Tuesday" - this would pull up only emails containing the exact phrase Taco Tuesday.  (Not emails with either Taco or Tuesday.) 


Search Operators: 

  • with:<email address> -- threads with this person in the conversation

  • from:<email address> -- threads with a message sent from this person

  • to:<email address> -- threads with a message sent to this person

  • before:<YYYY/MM/DD> -- most recent message in a thread sent before this date

  • after:<YYYY/MM/DD/YY> -- most recent message in a thread sent after this date

  • in:<inbox,archive,trash,spam,later> -- look for threads in these folders

  • in:<list name> -- look for threads in this list

  • is:starred -- starred threads

  • is:read -- all messages in this thread have been read

  • is:unread -- a message in this thread is unread

  • is:opened -- last message is sent with tracking and it has been read

  • is:unopened -- last message is sent with tracking and it has NOT been read

  • is:replied -- thread has a sent message, people have replied

  • is:unreplied -- thread has a sent message, and no one has replied 

  • has:attachment -- thread has attachments

  • has:followup -- thread has a follow up reminder


Happy Searching! 🌟