We sync with the Calendar app on your Mac and iPhone to allow you to schedule events and send invitations with your Gmail and Outlook accounts without ever leaving Polymail! You can access your calendar by clicking on the calendar icon in an email draft:

You'll see a menu pop up asking whether you want to send a calendar invite or propose a time to meet. 

If you choose to send a calendar invite from our iOS app:

You'll have the opportunity to name your event, indicate a location, enter your recipients' email addresses, and pick a time by clicking into your calendar and dragging the block of time up or down to make the event shorter or longer:

When you've entered all your details, click the blue "Add Calendar Invite" button on the left side of the window and your email draft will now contain the invitation you just created:

If you're using Polymail Web or our Mac app: 

You'll see all of your synced calendars with all of your existing calendar events already there. You can choose to disable any calendars that might not be relevant by unticking the circle next to them:

Our semantic date entry feature allows flexible scheduling so you can enter terms like "tomorrow," "next weekend," "in a month," etc. without having to know the precise date. If you type "at noon Saturday," for example, we'll schedule your event for you at 12 pm that coming Saturday:

When you're done with any details like location, notes, and time changes, you'll press "Add Calendar Invite" and your invitation will be inserted into your email: