If you're noticing the the Polymail app is becoming unresponsive randomly and you're having to Force Quit the application, it may be the result of something going wrong in your Polymail Application Support Folder. 


By removing the Polymail Application Support folder, you'll be able to force the Polymail App to recreate it and resolve anything that may be going wrong. 


To start a new Polymail Application Support folder, we'd recommend you follow these steps:


  • Close the Polymail app 

  • Delete the Polymail app

  • Opening to Finder.app

  • Using the shortcut CMD + Shift + G

  • Type in ~/Library/Application Support

  • Delete the Polymail folder in the Application Support Folder

  • Reinstall Polymail by downloading it from here.

Not to worry! This only removes Polymail's Application Support. It doesn't effect any other application or any files related to your macOS.