Polymail stores only what is absolutely necessary to provide you with the best experience possible. 🔒

All of your email data is 100% yours. Only you can access, read, or share it. We maintain a small index to provide you with features such as read laters, send laters, push notifications, etc, and we cache your email content for up to 14 days since your last access of Polymail. 


We store drafts on our servers, and delete them upon successful sends. This allows us to provide offline draft support, Send Later, and efficient syncing of drafts between devices. Attachments you receive will pass through our server but we do not store them.


Contacts are synced on our server to provide a better experience for auto-completion and contact enrichment information.


We use authentication tokens to fetch email whenever possible (e.g. Gmail, Google Apps, Outlook.com, etc.). For providers which require us to store a password (e.g. iCloud/IMAP), we use 256-bit AES encryption (the same way your bank does it).


If you choose to delete your account, your data is 100% permanently, removed from our servers. Your information, once deleted, cannot be retrieved.


A full description of these specifics and more can be found on our Privacy Policy and our EU-US Privacy Shield