We all get looped into busy email conversations with a lot of messages, and don't need to be consistently pinged for every new reply.


For these cases, we've brought in the ability to Mute Conversations in Polymail!

Once a conversation is muted, you will no longer receive notifications on any new messages on that thread!


Muting Conversations in Desktop, and Web

  1. Access the Command Center (Mac: Command⌘+J; Windows: CTRL + J)

  2. Type Mute Conversation

  3. Tap enter!

4. Or click the bell icon on the email to mute/unmute a thread.

Muting Conversations in iOS and iPad OS


When you're viewing a message, click the ... dropdown at the top right of the message. 

Once you've opened the menu, you'll see the option to Mute a Conversation.