Taking a break from work or just a break from your email? We've got you covered! With our Out of Office feature, you can set up an auto-response in Polymail that will automatically let people emailing you know that you're away from your inbox. 📬


Out of Office can be set up on Polymail Web and our Desktop app and can be customized for each of the email addresses you've synced to Polymail. (It is not available to set up on our iOS app.) To get started on that:

  • Click the small carrot in the lower left corner of the app and click on Settings in the menu that appears

  • Click on the Accounts tab on the left side

  • From the Accounts tab, you'll choose which email address you'd like to create your Out of Office response for and click the address in question:

  • Once you've selected the account, check out the bottom of the page. You'll see "Vacation Responder" towards the bottom 

  • Toggle the button from grey to blue to enable the feature. A box will appear with our suggested message, which you can customize to read whatever you'd like! 

  • Click the blue Save button that appears in the top right corner to save your changes.

Please note that this feature is email account specific, so enabling your Out of Office Reply for one account (like your work account) will not enable it for any other accounts (like personal ones).